Relieve Your Loved Ones at The The Time Of Grief

Choosing from any of Lodge Brothers pre paid funeral plans uk  and by deciding to pre paid funerals and pre pay for the funeral, family and loved ones are relieved of the responsibility at a time when their grief and distress will be more than enough of a burden. With the funeral costs rise, year on year so it makes sense … Continue reading »


Responsibility For Memorials

Responsibility of your memorial is yours and not the cemetery or churchyard management. The maintenance of your memorials is for you to take care of and if they become dilapidated or unsafe is your responsibility.  Please remember that if the memorial becomes unsafe then certain steps may be taken to lay it down or remove it. … Continue reading »


Restoration of Headstones

At the Memorial Group, we offer a complete renovation and repair services to keep your headstones looking the very best.  Restoration can range from a simple cleaning and polishing to a complete renovation of your Headstones.

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