Lodge Brothers wish all their client a very merry festive season

Robert Lodge is area manager for the newly opened Cobham Branch of Lodge Brothers. Funeral Directors Cobham have wasted no time in getting involved in the community and showing the caring ethos indicative of members of staff throughout the Lodge Brother branches. If there is a need within the community Lodge Brothers recognise the need to … Continue reading »


Lodge Brothers will assist to make your grief easier

District Manager Bill Wilde covers quite a few miles at this time of year playing Santa when not looking after clients. Gifts on behalf of the Directors and staff at are delivered out to nursing and residential homes for staff and residents to enjoy. Bill said, “The planning starts as early as September which is … Continue reading »


Select the perfect memorial for your loved ones

Breakfast Meetings at Sunrise Senior Living December 27th, 2013 Bill Wilde, District Manager who looks after the Surrey and Berkshire area on behalf of the Memorial Restoration family business, has been attending meetings at Sunrise, Weybridge, every three months, an initiative started by the residential home earlier in the year. Bill said, “They start at seven thirty … Continue reading »


Protect Your Loved ones With Our Choice of Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Protect your loved ones with a choice of pre paid funeral plans. Lodge Brothers are professional and offer some of the following services with pre paid funerals  , funeral plans and pre paid funeral plans uk: A wide range of coffins to select from. Provision of a hearse to the nearest Crematorium. Funeral Director and bearers for … Continue reading »


Lodge Brothers Offer Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Lodge Brothers assist with all funeral arrangment including pre paid funerals and funeral plans throughout the UK. We have seen funeral costs rise, year on year so it makes sense to put pre paid funeral plans UK together at the current rate. Professional guidance on the registration of death and completion of statutory forms for cremation. With … Continue reading »


Relieve Your Loved Ones at The The Time Of Grief

Choosing from any of Lodge Brothers pre paid funeral plans uk  and by deciding to pre paid funerals and pre pay for the funeral, family and loved ones are relieved of the responsibility at a time when their grief and distress will be more than enough of a burden. With the funeral costs rise, year on year so it makes sense … Continue reading »