Indulge yourself at Buty Salon in London

Neaten up your bikini line with a Bikini wax , don’t think because its Winter you should avoid a bikini wax… take care of yourself with a little extra pampering in Winter. Book your Bikini wax Fulham and Bikini London and enjoy the treat.

The Brazilian bikini is a treatment leaving a strip of hair, slightly higher than the standard bikini.   If you haven’t tried the  Brazilian bikini London and Brazilian bikini Fulham why not try it now!

If you fancy something a little bit more daring then go for the Hollywood bikini. This is a Hollywood bikini Fulham wax with a difference. This bikini treatment removes all pubic hair from the front, lip area and back (buttocks) using strip wax. The option is available for the client to request to leave some hair (a tiny strip etc) in the front if preferred.

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