Give your child a gift for a life time, a treasure, something to keep forever

Rhino Coin Box is truly enchanting is the hidden message engraved on the body of the animal which your child will love to find every time. Our Rhino says “Invest in the future” – wise words.

It is made by a company established in 1885 that has been at the forefront in the production of innovative pewter pieces.

Pewter has been used in the home for several centuries. Modern pewter is 92% pure tin and added to this are small amounts of copper and other metals to give additional strength. Tin is the fourth most precious metal in common usage after gold, platinum and silver. It has been named the Metal for the Millennium.

To make this gift extra special for a child, you can purchase a colourful rubber duck for an extra £5.00. The duck will go into the box with the main gift, so that when opened the child will have a special silver gift that they can cherish for a lifetime, and a fun rubber duck that they can play with.

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